How to Make Baby Gifts at Home with Easy Steps - Nisha Ji Ke Nuskhe

How to Make Baby Gifts at Home with Easy Steps

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" How to Make Baby Gifts at Home with Easy Steps - Nisha JI Ke NUskhe "

Things Used in this Video :
1). Hair Clips
2). Beautiful Moti
3). Iron Wire
4). Glue
5). Plier (Plaas)


Hi, there welcome to our site Star Media Pvt Ltd. I hope you are enjoying our content in this video I tell you how we can make beautiful baby gifts from our hair clips. I hope you watch our videos and make it. So let's check the Step below for creating a baby gift from our hair clips we can also use our old hair clips for making baby gift. So lets get started and see the steps to create it at home with easy steps:


STEP 1: First of all we should have Hair clips to make a baby gift

STEP 2: After getting hair clips to get some different colors of Motis (color as your wish)

STEP 3: Third thing is that we should have an iron wire

STEP 4: Fourth step and thing used to make a baby gift is glue or gum 

STEP 5: Fifth and last thing is a Plaas (Plier) that will help us to cut iron wire

STEP 6: After getting all upper thing get a hair clip and insert the iron wire in it and bend it at the end with the help of plaas

STEP 7: At the end of wire put some motis in it 

STEP 8: After installing motis you should put 4 or 5 motis per hair clip after putting motis bend wire again and cut it with the help of plaas

STEP 9: After doing 8 steps NOW we'll have our beautiful hair clip gift for kids or babies. You can see it in the below image

If you have any question about it you can watch our YouTube video on the upper side of this article and enjoy to create. Thanks for reading this article and Check other articles for more knowledge.


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