How To Make Veg Momos very Easy Recipe at Home - Nisha Ji Ke Nuskhe

 How To Make Veg Momos very Easy Recipe at Home

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" How To Make Veg Momos very Easy Recipe at Home - Nisha Ji Ke Nuskhe "

Things used in this video :
1). Meda
2). Salt ( Namak )
3). Oil
4). All Vegetable Masala
5). Pressure Cooker


Hi, there welcome to our site Star Media Pvt Ltd. I hope you are enjoying our content in this video I tell you how we can make Veg momos recipe at home with very easy steps. If you want to make veg momos you should watch the upper video or follow the below steps carefully. Let's check the following steps:


STEP 1: First of all add some besan in a bowl to make veg momos

STEP 2: After adding some besan add salt to it

STEP 3: After adding salt put some oil in it

STEP 4: After adding the upper 3 items add some water in and mix it well and make it floor type

STEP 5: Add all the items on Tawa shown in the below figure and turn on the stove to make it fry

STEP 6: Off the stove when the vegetables gone red

STEP 7: Add some besan floor at the roller and make small roti of it

STEP 8: Put the vegetable masala in the small roti

STEP 9: After adding the masala of vegetables in the besan roti close it on the upper side of it

STEP 10: Put all the veg momos in a pressure cooker and steam it only for the 10 min

STEP 11: the eleventh step is the final step of making veg momos after 10 min of steam in a pressure cooker take it off and eat with your family and friends.

I hope you enjoy our article and make it if you have any question about veg momos recipe you can visit our YouTube channel or watch our video mention in the upper side of this article please make sure you have followed this website with your email to never miss any update from our site.

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